last fall

good times thanks for taking the pictures gogi



the hard ride

you can check out the whole flick here enjoy!



those pictures were posted by my bro andrea some time ago. found them on his blog and can't stop lookin at 'em.
i think bill mize, steve uhl, tom fugle and some other dude built it.
this is one of the coolest knuckleheads around imo


DRAGGERS garage party

it was a blast-- thanks to all who showed up with their rides!!
seems like everyone had a good time. well, almost everyone...
mr. daredevil donald tried to kickstard my bike with one hand and broke his wrist really bad. he showed up again at the party after getting his arm bandaged at the hospital. this is what i call true rock 'n roll!

here's some killer shots from the party courtesy signora cortellesi

and some other fella