Last night....

i rode my bike to work as usual. all of a sudden the clutch wasn't working. so i parked the bike and walked. i dind't want to leave my baby in the middle of the city after work so i decided to fire the bike up, push it and throw in first gear with no clutch haha. i took her home in 1st gear and every time there was a red traffic light i did some extra circles in front of them. people must have thought i'm a loonie!
got stopped by the cops close to my place cause they suspected me a drunk driver. so i had to blow in their breathalyzer. i explained to them that i usually shift like a normal driver but something with the clutch is wrong. they looked at my bike and smiled and were like "good luck" and let me go. they didn't even complain about the loud pipes or the missing front brake :-)
found out today the clutch release bearing got fucked!!


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