More 60s Surf & Garage Madness


finally managed to upload the file again. here's a selection of various surf & garage tunes i compiled a while ago. enjoy!

monster surf.mp3


the moontrekkers_night of the vampire

the motivations_the birds

fender IV_everybody up

aki aelong&the noble ones_earthquake

the famous monsters_monsters over tokyo!

the cousins_bouddha

the swanks_ghost train

thee cormans_the hauted sea

the centurions_ishamatsu

the surfmen_ghost hop

wild sammy&the royaltones_road runner

excerpt from the choppers

the altecs_gorilla hunt

mysterious tape man_space monster party

roscoe&the little green men_weird

los shains_shains a go go

the creepy creeps_tiki mug shot

the gestics_invasion

jack&the rippers_heart attack

leon smith&the basics_basic surf

the hustlers_inertia

the rhythm rockers_madness

the vulcaines_cozimotto

the trashmen_surfin bird

the hollywood vines_when johnny comes slidin home

the deadly ones_it's monster surfing time


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